The Common Room Stories: Clare Burgess

With only a few days until the deadline to reach target for Transform The Common Room, Roman Road Trust would like to share our next Common Room Story from Clare Burgess.

So far, we have shared the stories of Fabrizio Ghiandai, Irene De Lorenzis, and Mike Mitchell. Next up is local resident and event-stylist-extraordinaire Clare Burgess. Clare, from Frou Frou Days, has collaborated with Roman Road Trust to create a number of amazing events over the years. These have included the Roman Road Festival, Roman Road Christmas Fairs, Queens Birthday Tea, and Eid Party to name just a few.

The Common Room has enabled many large scale events in Roman Road. The space has been the ideal base and headquarters for Roman Road Trust's own events and the events of other local organisations. Last summer, The Common Room was the info point for the all-day dance festival Encounter Bow by Chisenhale Dance, and the starting point for F_able: A Fictional Archive.

Watch Clare's video to find out why your pledge to Transform The Common Room is vital to make sure community events can continue...

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