Roman Road Trust is a charitable organisation promoting urban regeneration, citizenship and community development for the benefit of the public in the Roman Road area of Tower Hamlets, by all or any of the following means:

i) Promotion of localism and local governance structures

ii) Promotion of community capacity building

iii) Promotion of urban rengeneration for the benefit of the public

iv) Promotion of volunteering

v) Provision of education, training and re-training opportunities and work experience for local businesses, start-ups and enterprises

vi) The advancement of education, arts and culture

vii) Provision of land and buildings on favourable terms to businesses in order to create training and employment opportunities for our beneficiaries

viii) Provision of a community centre

ix) The repairing, renewing or provision of public amenities, public realm and green spaces

x) Such other means as may from time to time be determined subject to the prior written consent of the Charity Commission

Roman Road Trust acts as a front line body and directly undertakes the different aspects of a regeneration project. On occassion we will also act as a coordinating body conducting regeneration projects but contracting other agencies to carry out distinct elements of the project.

Roman Road Trust is in the process of becoming a charity.


Our area of work

Our work is established in an area of economic, physical or social deprivation, namely the Roman Road area of Bow and Globe Town in Tower Hamlets.

Our beneficiaires

Our benefiries are the residents and business within our area of work.


Evidencing public benefit

  • Roman Road Trust maintains and grows a database of members and beneficiaries that belong to the area in need of regeneration
  • Roman Road Trust’s Theory of Change sets out how the benefits of each of the organisation’s purposes will help to address this need
  • Roman Road Trust has developed a set of criteria to assess how well an organisation has met its purposes
  • Roman Road Trust publishes the Declarations of Interests of its Board members to log any private benefit that may result to individuals or companies as a result of the regeneration


Promotion of Urban Regeneration

Promotion of Community Capacity Building

Promotion of Citizenship and Community Development