Tower Hamlets Energy Reduction Programme for businesses

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Tower Hamlets Council has recognised the difficulties that local businesses are facing as a result of the energy crisis and, as a result, they have launched the Tower Hamlets Energy Reduction Programme.

The Tower Hamlets Energy Reduction Programme will be assisting 50 businesses affected by energy crisis through the following support measures:

  1. Energy Consultations: The council is offering an on-site energy audit to assess your businesses’s energy needs and consumption patterns. This process will allow experienced energy consultants to identify potential areas of improvement and provide tailored reduction plans to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  2. Training and Workshop Programmes: Tower Hamlets is organising three interactive workshops and green skills training on developing sustainability in businesses.  
  3. Funding: The council is offering a £2,500 match-funded grant to business owners that complete the training workshops to alleviate the burden of increased energy costs. This grant will assist companies in investing in the installation of energy-reduction technology.

Please check the following criteria to determine if your business is eligible to apply for this programme:

  • Business located, registered and trading within Tower Hamlets
  • 1-25 employees
  • Not be in administration, insolvent or subject to a striking-off notice
  • Business trading and operational since 1st January 2020
  • Business trading out of a commercial (non-domestic) physical property in the borough
  • Business registered for business rates in the borough
  • Compliance with Subsidy Control Allowance/State Aid Regulations
  • Permitted to legally trade
  • No debt to council
  • Revenue between £50,000 and £43 million
  • Business must be able to contribute £500 as a match fund
  • Provision of 12 months’ worth of energy bills

To find out more or to apply for this programme, please visit the Better Futures website.

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