Roman Road Membership Card – RESULTS

Throughout March 2019, Roman Road Trust conducted a trial-run of a Roman Road Membership Card. The aim was to find out if there was appetite from businesses and shoppers for a local discount card to be introduced.

Roman Road Trust enlisted six businesses to take part in the trial-run. These were Magus and The Fool, Bacaro, 1st Step Mobility, Surayyah Beauty Box, Sweet Treats, SNAP, and Massingham Chemist. Businesses generously gave discounts or deals throughout the month of March to customers who presented a discount code when in-store.

In order to receive the discount code, shoppers were required to complete a short online survey which included questions around a membership card scheme for Roman Road.

The survey received a total of 68 responses.

The discount code was most frequently used in Magus and The Fool and Bacaro; suggesting that shoppers are most interested in discounts/deals in places to eat and drink.

Based on the trial run, we are thinking of doing seasonal discounts and promotions (e.g – Christmas events/hampers, Small Business Saturday, Shop on the High Street) so watch this space!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the businesses who generously took part and thank you to all those who completed the survey and used the discount code throughout March 2019.

If you are a business that would like to take part in future discount schemes, please get in touch at:


Do you think a Roman Road Membership Card/discount scheme for independent businesses is a good idea?

Responses to this question showed that almost all shoppers thought a Roman Road Membership Card was a good idea.


Would you be interested in purchasing a card?

Although shoppers believe a Roman Road Membership Card would be a good idea, the results show there is some reservation about purchasing a card.


For what types of shops would you like to receive discounts/offers?

There was a fairly equal response to this question. However, the most popular choices were ‘Restaurants/Bars/Pubs’ and ‘Cafes/Coffee Shops.’ This correlates to the usage of the discount code which was most frequently presented in Bacaro and Magus and The Fool (both are places to eat and drink.)


How long would you like the membership to last?

The most popular choice was 12 months.


How much would you be willing to pay for a membership card?

The most popular answer was between £5 to £10.


Are you already part of a membership/loyalty card scheme?

The most popular choices were ‘Tesco Clubcard’ and ‘Nectar Card.’ This was followed by ‘Co-op Membership’ and ‘Superdrug Beauty Card’. These cards are reflective of the shops in Roman Road. Additionally, almost half of respondents selected ‘Loyalty stamp card for independent shop or business.’ This suggests many businesses already operate their own loyalty schemes successfully. Other responses included larger membership schemes such as Boots, Waitrose, ASDA, and department stores.


How frequently do you shop on or visit businesses on Roman Road?

The most popular answer was ‘2-3 times per week.’ This suggests a large amount of shoppers visit Roman Road to supplement their shopping or visit Roman Road Market but complete the majority of their weekly shopping elsewhere.


On average, how much do you spend per week on businesses in Roman Road?

The most popular choices were £20-50 and £10-20.


Would you be likely to shop on Roman Road more frequently if a discount/membership scheme was in place?


What do you think the scheme could be named?

The most popular choice was ‘The Roman Road Club’. The least popular choice was ‘The Roman Road Membership Card.’ Other suggestions included: ‘The Roman Rambler’, ‘Love Roman Road’, and ‘The Roman Royalty Card.’

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