Roman Road Trust is a membership organisation. Being a member gives you the power to have a say in local initiatives that impact your neighbourhood.

Roman Road Trust membership allows you to:

  • Attend our General Meetings where we will provide you with updates on our agreed initiatives
  • Represent the needs and views of your community/interests at our focus groups and general meetings
  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Share your local experience and help make sure that others with similar voices are heard
  • Lend legal weight to our campaigns and help achieve real change for the benefit of our community
  • Automatically receive our newsletter


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About Roman Road Trust

Roman Road Trust is a small but ambitious community development organisation helping to regenerate the area of Roman Road in Bow and Globe Town. Our vision is for a thriving local economy that gives opportunity and space for communities to flourish.

Our main charitable purpose is to promote urban regeneration and we are doing this by supporting localism and increasing community infrastructure in the local area.


Why we think is important to be a membership organisation

We believe it is important for community members to be involved in deciding local projects and shaping the future of their neighbourhood.

Our members are recognised as being crucial, effective individuals who can help lead positive change in our communities. Individually, members contribute their local knowledge and expertise. Together, they provide the voice of the local area to ensure the regeneration that is happening in this area will benefit all members of the community.

Having a large and active membership means our community has more influence and weight when it comes to attracting funding and partnerships for the projects we call want.

It’s also important that local people have a democratic say in how Roman Road Trust is run. As a charitable organisation working for the benefit of the community, Roman Road Trust is committed to being accountable to its members. Operating as a membership organisation allows members to contribute to our vision and to vote on proposals when needed.


How to become a member

There is no cost to becoming a member.

You must be a resident, business or community group in the E3 or E2 area of Roman Road. The boundary of our area is the A12 to the East, Bow Road to the South, Old Ford Road to the North, and Cambridge Heath Road to the West.

Follow the link below and complete our Membership Signup Form.

We ask for some demographic information to help us work towards a membership base that is representative of the area.


Go to Roman Road Trust Membership signup form