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Roman Road Trust opens to members

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Roman Road Trust launches membership

We believe it is important for community members to be involved in deciding local projects and shaping the future of their neighbourhood.

Our members are recognised as being crucial, effective individuals who can help lead positive change in our communities. Individually, members contribute their local knowledge and expertise. Together, they provide the voice of the local area to ensure the regeneration that is happening in this area will benefit all members of the community.

Having a large and active membership means our community has more influence and weight when it comes to attracting funding and partnerships for the projects we call want.

It’s also important that local people have a democratic say in how Roman Road Trust is run. As a charitable organisation working for the benefit of the community, Roman Road Trust is committed to being accountable to its members. Operating as a membership organisation allows members to contribute to our vision and to vote on proposals when needed.

For more benefits of becoming a member, please visit the Roman Road Trust membership page.


Roman Road Trust’s first General Meeting

We hope as many local businesses, residents and community groups will become members.

We welcome all new members to our first General Meeting first at 7pm on Tuesday 10 October.

Here you will meet Roman Road Trust’s Board of Directors who will update you on our projects and give an overview of our some proposals for the future.

After a short introduction, you’ll be free to chat with us and enjoy some refreshments.

To attend you will have to be a member – please sign up below. You will then be sent details of the event.


How to become a member

The event is for members only.  Please sign up below to receive more details about the General Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 10 October.


Go to Roman Road Trust Membership signup form


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