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Rosie Vincent has stepped up to take on the role as Operations Director at Roman Road Trust. Rosie first joined Roman Road Trust in 2017 on an internship placement. Since then, she progressed to become our Events & Communications Coordinator before recently taking on the running of Roman Road Trust.

Here is a conversation between Rosie and Janita, the outgoing Director. 


Janita: How do you feel about taking on the new role?


Rosie: I am really excited about taking on the new role. I have been part of Roman Road Trust for a few years now. The organisation and the people we work with are very close to my heart. It is a very interesting time to be a part of Roman Road Trust as there are recent developments taking place such as the Liveable Streets programme. Roman Road is surrounded by a very vibrant community and I am often amazed by the vast amount of local groups and projects happening in our neighbourhood. We have such a strong sense of community which can be quite rare to find in London.


Janita: I think you will do great in the role. Having worked with you, I know you have such passion and enthusiasm. Plus, you know the local businesses and market traders really well. There isn’t anyone who knows Roman Road as well as you do!


Rosie: (Laughs) This will be a new challenge for me. I am nervous to take on what feels like a really big title but I am also very proud to be leading the organisation. This is a step up in my career.


Janita: So far, this year has been focused on the Common Room Summer Events, Roman Road Common Vision, and the Roman Road Park Festival. What has been a highlight for you during these projects?


Rosie: For me, it was brilliant to have the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs and our local MP, Rushanara Ali attend the Roman Road Park Festival. It shows our work is impactful and relevant to the local authorities’ agenda. What has been a highlight for you?


Janita: For me, getting together with other, local community groups to collectively create the Common Vision. We managed to collate the asks from all groups and used to from the basis of our feedback into the first consultation for Bow Liveable Streets programme. Delivering the Roman Road Park Festival was also a highlight!


Rosie: Having the Common Room used and activated throughout summer was also great. It has been brilliant to see local residents and groups utilising the space for a range of workshops and happenings. The Common Room has been transformed to suit a whole host of activities from yoga to jumble sales.


Janita: Yes, I bought loads of stuff for my baby from the jumble sale! Do you have any plans you could share about where Roman Road Trust is going?


Rosie: The next big project for us is to focus on fundraising. We are also working closely with Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum to consult businesses on the neighbourhood plan through enlisting the help of students from Queen Mary University of London. We will be submitting the final version of the Roman Road Common Vision very soon as a collective response to the Liveable Streets programme.  


Janita: What are your favourite businesses on Roman Road?


Rosie: My favourite business is Natural Garden where I buy organic fruit and vegetables. There is also a market stall where I purchase most of my clothes!


Janita: If you had to summarise Roman Road in three words, what would they be?


Rosie: Vibrant, raw, and real.


Janita: What else do you do besides running Roman Road Trust?


Rosie: I am also a drama facilitator at Half Moon Theatre. This means I help run youth theatres and drama workshops for young people across Tower Hamlets. I love exploring the local area on my orange bike – give me a wave if you see me!


Janita: It was such a pleasure working with you even though it was a short period of time. All the best, and I know you will do amazingly well in your new role.

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