QConsult launch Transport & Shopping survey

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Roman Road Trust partnered with Queen Mary University to undertake the first stage of a consultation about local transport and shopping habits to establish the relationship between transport and the local economy.

Queen Mary University’s QConsult programme invites undergraduates to take on a consultation project within the local community. The Qconsult students who worked with Roman Road Trust for this project included Tilly Walker Wood, Anita Srisuriyakumar, Mohanjith Divigalpitiya, Aliyah Butt, and Tasnim Faruque.

The team braved the cold weather to conduct face-to-face surveys with local residents, business owners and visitors in Roman Road that included questions about where people shop, how much they spend, how they get there and what they think our high street needs to attract more shoppers.

The QConsult programme is an opportunity for local university study to gain valuable real-life work experience and to give back to the local community. The students were given a project brief and attended an inception meeting. During the programme, the QMUL students received advice, training and support around project management and presentation skills from Roman Road Trust.

The students committed 100 hours to the project speaking to wide cross section of local businesses and resdients. At the end of their programme they presented the findings to the Roman Road Trust board.

QConsult is an award-winning employability programme that places QMUL students into mini consultancy projects in London-based businesses and charities. Students are faced with a real-life challenge at a local organisation, providing students with the opportunity to use and build their skills, develop their employability and learn more about the working world.

The Shopping & Transport survey is still open for responses and you can add your thoughts by following this link.


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