Mayor of London pledges £50,000 to Transform The Common Room

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The Mayor of London has awarded the highest pledge of £50,000 to Roman Road Trust’s campaign to Transform The Common Room as part of Crowdfund London.

The crowdfund campaign was launched in January 2020 to transform The Common Room from a deteriorating space into a fully-functional cultural learning facility for local people. The project is a partnership between Roman Road Trust & Public Works.

The project is part of Crowdfund London - the programme delivered by the Mayor of London and Spacehive aimed at backing Londoner’s ideas for improving their local area with funding and support.

The Vision

The project will transform the existing structure to become a fully-functional community learning space. The structure will need new roofing, flooring, front extension, storage, and toilet.

Once the space is built, Learning Programmes will be developed to focus on sustaining healthy high streets and providing training in Community Organising to local groups.

The vision is for The Common Room to become a cultural learning space for local people to access high quality community learning in partnership with several cultural and educational organisations and institutions.

Spacehive operates an all-or-nothing funding model, meaning pledges are only collected if the campaign hits its target. Anyone interested in backing the project should pledge at:

Rosie Vincent, Managing Director of Roman Road Trust said: "Receiving the maximum pledge of £50k from the Mayor of London proves how vital this project is to help benefit residents, businesses, and community groups in Roman Road.

“Only two projects (out of 14) have been awarded the maximum pledge of £50k. Our project to Transform The Common Room is one of them.

"The Common Room is a project that has been trying to happen for over six years. We are so proud to know the Mayor of London also agrees it is time for this space to become what it truly deserves to be.”

Chris Gourlay, founder & CEO of Spacehive said: “It’s great to see the Mayor back such a wonderful idea that will clearly have a big impact on the community.”

Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, Jules Pipe, said: “The Mayor and I are committed to doing all we can to support projects which create opportunities to regenerate their local areas. This is a great example of how Londoners can take a lead in shaping the future of the capital.”

It's not over yet

Roman Road Trust only has until 25th May 2020 to reach the total target. It is now more crucial than ever to pledge your support to Transform The Common Room.

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