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Your feedback is needed. Roman Road Trust has been running Roman Road Yard Market on the car park at the junction between Roman Road and St Stephen’s Road every Saturday for the last six months and we want to know what you think about it – you’ll find a link the online survey at the bottom of the page.

“One of our key aims is to help increase footfall to the road” says Holly Stout, Chair of Roman Road Trust. “After we held the successful Eid Party in the car park last summer, we realised the car park was an ideal space for a community market as there’s room for seating and music as well as stalls – a sociable outdoor space that Roman Road currently lacks.”

The aim of Roman Road Yard Market is also to increase the diversity of Roman Road’s overall market offering, which is currently largely wholesale fashion. Roman Road Trust is working closely with the local authority on a two-pronged plan of action, working on both short and long term plans to help attract new traders and shoppers to the main street market.

“Most of the existing 200 traders on the main market are signed up for three years with a fixed pitch location. This means the Council’s plans to create zones for a more varied market offerings, notably fresh produce, will be a gradual process,” explains Stout. “In the meantime, Roman Road Yard Market can begin to attract a more varied market offering to the road, thereby serving the needs of the growing population, and attracting more footfall to both the existing market and the shops, and creating a more vibrant community in which to live.”

The aims of Roman Road Yard Market

  • to increase footfall to the road benefiting existing shops and traders
  • to encourage a wider variety of both local and destination shoppers to the road
  • to create a community space where people can socialise
  • to provide a space for community groups to hold activities
  • to host community events like the Queens Birthday Tea and Eid Party,
  • to increase the overall diversity of the market offering on the road in the short to medium term
  • to attract a wider variety of stalls to the main Roman Road Market in the long term. This is part of two-pronged initiative with the local authority. The Council is steadily secure pitches when they become available in an agreed an ‘food zone’ on the main market. As traders licences are only renewed every three years, this is a long term project. in the meantime, Roman Road Yard Market is helping to attract new traders and shoppers to the road.

The last six months in numbers

If you haven’t been, here are some facts and figures about Roman Road Yard Market:

  • 25 x weekly Saturday markets delivered since March 19
  • 15 x free/discounted community workshops/stalls
  • 90 x new traders attracted to the road
  • 3,000 attended launch party on March 19
  • 2,000 attended Queen’s Birthday Tea on June 19
  • 2,000 attended Soil’s popup organic food market September 10
  • 14 x up-and-coming musicians showcased
  • 80% of regular traders local to Tower Hamlets

Have your say and help decide the future

Your feedback will be key in deciding the future of Roman Road Yard Market. We need to know whether you think it should continue and if so, what it should offer. The survey is for:

♥ People who HAVE VISITED Roman Road Yard Market: your feedback on what you like most and what you like least will help shape its future

♥ People who HAVE NOT VISITED Roman Road Yard Market: where do you shop? What changes to Roman Road would encourage you to shop locally?

Please share this post with as many people as possible to ensure we get as representative a view as possible.

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