Cultural trail for Roman Road

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Organisations along Roman Road (and beyond) met to discuss the potential for a cultural project that would create a trail from the most westerly to easterly points in Tower Hamlets.

The project, with a working title of East Trail, would be a historical trail to celebrate the culture and heritage along the old Roman Road and connect its communities. The trail would run along the B119  from the border with Shoreditch through Bethnal Green, Globe Town, Bow, Fish Island, and finish at the new East Bank district.

The project could take the form of an audio and printed cultural trail (following the number 8 bus route) with detailed additional maps featuring content about landmark places and figures in each neighbourhood.

Trails would focus on different topics such as art & architecture, fashion & manufacturing, and society & pioneers. The project’s legacy will open up opportunities for biennale-style festivals celebrating specific trails in future years.

The meeting engaged with local cultural and heritage stakeholders along the route to discover common ground and to discuss the potential of the project.

Attendees were Tabitha Stapely (CEO, Roman Road Trust), Neba Sere, (Community Engagement Coordinator, Roman Road Trust), Sarah Murray (Cultural Programmer, Oxford House), Eddie Berg (CEO, Rich Mix), Halima Khanom (Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, Heritage Officer – Participation and Learning), Prof. Alison Blunt (Professor of Geography at Queen Mary University, Centre for Studies of Home) and Dr. Nadia Valman (Reader in English Literature at Queen Mary University, School of English and Drama).

We had apologies from, Gary Haines (V&A Archivist), Josh McNorton (Head of Programmes, Rich Mix) and Carla Mitchell (Project Manager, Four Corners).

A brief for East Trail is currently being created to formalise the next steps of the project.

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