Transport Strategy Summit

Roman Road Trust attended the Tower Hamlets Council’s Transport Strategy Summit on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at the Ecology Pavilion in Mile End Park.

Approximately 100 people consisting of residents, businesses, and local community groups also attended to hear various presentations and take part in a breakout session.

One of the most impactful presentations was by Ewa Hanzcar from Mums for Lungs who detailed the impact of air pollution on health, especially on babies and pregnant mothers.

The council’s priority to deal with air pollution as part of their Transport Strategy Outcomes is very welcome, with over 70 out of 90 sites in Tower Hamlets over the legal limit for air pollutants.

During the Q&A, two elderly attendees raised concerns about the lack of priority given to the needs of the elderly and disabled for public transport, which elicited a round of applause from all.

The breakout session was hosted in small groups where the council revealed the Tower Hamlets Transport Strategy Vision and Outcomes.

The vision is to “Create a clean, green, health-promoting and equitable transport system for Tower Hamlets.”

With the vision narrative being “By 2041, we will create an environment in Tower Hamlets that enables more people to cycle, walk and take public transport to improve people’s lives. Everyone in the borough will feel safe to travel and enjoy our streets and our public realm.”

There was also a exhibition of the “Love Your Neighbourhood” improvement plans, with Bow being in Phase 1 of the programme.

It is heartening to see the council engaging the community with events such as this, and we look forward to working with Tower Hamlets Council in the next steps.

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