Transforming the Angel & Crown

The Angel & Crown is about to have a new transformation into a community-friendly pub by local resident Melise Keogh.

Melise (known as Mel) wants the Angel & Crown, 170 Roman Road to play a vital role in the community. Her aim is to bring people together by providing a warm and friendly place to meet, eat, drink, celebrate, and socialise. 

Mel believes "a pub should be a place where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy a shared space in warmth and comfort.”

Although the Angel & Crown has a not-so-favourable reputation, Mel is keen to keep the name to honour the long history of the establishment which has been on Roman Road since 1889.

In the Angel & Crown's smart new website, Mel states: "Having been established in this same stretch of road since 1889 it didn't seem right to change the name, but that doesn't mean it can't change in other ways."

Mel hopes to improve the identity of the pub by providing a new, different experience. Mel plans to serve Neapolitan-style pizza, coffee, juices, and brunch as well as hosting regular quiz nights.

As part of her plans, Mel is asking for local people to complete a short survey to gain a better understanding of the community in which the Angel & Crown will serve.  

Help make the Angel & Crown a community pub by completing the short survey.

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