Roman Road Community Land Trust seeking members

The Roman Road Community Land Trust (RRCLT) is seeking members to volunteer towards helping provide affordable housing locally in Bow.

The Roman Road Community Land Trust aims to protect the diverse community that makes Roman Road unique in perpetuity by providing truly affordable housing. The group’s mission is to create affordable homes for residents who are being forced out of the area due to increased property prices.

The initiative started in October 2017 and the group incorporated as a Community Benefit Society in May 2019. The volunteer-led Board of Directors provide their time and expertise to work towards the RRCLT’s objectives and are being supported by the National CLT Network and Community Led Housing London. Over the years the initiative has gained support from local stakeholders including Roman Road Trust, Studio Wic, Appropriate Housing, Matter Architecture, Bercaf, Arc 4.

“The goal is to create homes that are for the community and create a place residents are proud to live in” says founder Sarah Bland of Studio Wic.

The Roman Road CLT is powered and directed by its members. The organisation currently has 100+ members who want to contribute to their vision of enabling people to create new affordable housing in the Roman Road area.

Individually, members contribute their local knowledge and expertise, but together members have influence and weight to attract funding and will directly contribute to creating affordable community led housing in Bow.

Becoming a member is simple and free.

Membership entitles you to a shareholding certificate and invitations to meetings and events. A member who meets the housing allocation criteria can also become a beneficiary and apply to become a future resident in any future developments.

Roman Road CLT is seeking members of the community to volunteer a few hours a month to join their Board of Directors and help lead positive change in the community. To join the Board of Directors, please go to Roman Road CLT’s website or get in touch.


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