Globe Town sculpture on Roman Road, East London

Roman Road Trust extends to Globe Town as part of new Roman Road Trust & Council partnership

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We are thrilled to announce that Roman Road Trust has been invited to partner with London Borough of Tower Hamlets to support the Council’s high street improvement strategy over the next few years, not just in Bow but in Globe Town too.

As part of this agreement Roman Road Trust will be extending its boundary, which means our activities will now include the residents, businesses and community groups on the entire length of Roman Road, from Parnell Road to the east to Cambridge Heath Road to the west.

The partnership is the result of a deepening relationship between Roman Road Trust and the local authority following a number of joint projects over the last three years including Roman Road Summer Festival, Roman Road Yard Market, Roman Road Christmas Fair, Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum, and Roman Road Digital Camp for local businesses.

In these times of globalisation, there is growing interest in localism and making society more human again. The Council’s new commitment to partnering with leading local organisations is evidence of this. Roman Road Trust believes this partnership with the local authority is an opportunity to explore a model for sustainable community governance, one that lets citizens have more say in running their neighbourhoods.

If you would like to be part of this local movement, we invite you to become a Friend of Roman Road. It’s free and will help you find a more human way of living in your corner of London.

Working in Roman Road, Globe Town, E2 (Roman Road West)

The Council will work in partnership with Roman Road Trust in Roman Road West, locally known as Globe Town, to improve local town centre management practices; to enhance local employment opportunities, and to support delivery of regeneration initiatives.

Initiatives being proposed by the local authority will include place marketing and promoting and events to help generate footfall; business support programmes; wider business and community engagement activities to supporting consultation on public realm, and other regeneration proposals. Specifically Roman Road Trust is committed to;

  • Build links between local businesses, residents and community groups are made aware of plans and schemes being proposed by the Council;
  • Invite local businesses, residents and community groups to come together and formulate their own common vision for the high street and its public realm;
  • Invite local businesses, residents and community groups to be involved in the design and development of high street and public realm improvement initiatives;

Working in Roman Road, Bow, E3 (Roman Road East)

Roman Road Trust will continue to work in Roman Road East, better known as Bow. The extension to Globe Town will be an exciting opportunity for local businesses from Bow and Globe Town to unite in a common mission to create a more vibrant community on our shared high street, Roman Road. In Bow, the Roman Road Trust will continue to:

  • Deepen and widen existing links between local businesses, residents and community groups
  • Co-produce a variety of community development projects such as the RoRdLDN high street digital platforms, Orchard Project, and Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum
  • Work towards a major public realm improvement project to improve the junction between Roman Road and St Stephens so that it unties the market with the rest of the high street, offers better use for the community, and animates the heart of Roman Road.