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Do you take an interest in your local community? Are you passionate about where you live? Do you have some spare time in which you can take a proactive role on the voluntary board of a local community organisation?

We are seeking two non-exec Directors to join our current board of Directors at Roman Road Trust. As a director, you will be required to draw upon your skills, knowledge, and experience to support the work of Roman Road Trust.

Roman Road Trust has recently completed the Roman Road Common Vision in response to Liveable Streets Bow and we aim to continue to actively engage with the local authority on these changes to our area. Currently, we are working towards developing the Common Room which is a semi-permanent structure located next to Roman Road car park. It has been used for a range of community events and workshops since its creation in 2014. Our aim is to develop the Common Room into a more permanent structure with a dedicated use for the benefit of local residents.

The voluntary roles will see some months when little is needed other than offering advice via email and attending monthly Board meetings, and then other months when it may entail up to an hour’s voluntary work per week.

About Roman Road Trust C.I.C

Roman Road Trust (RRT) is a non-profit organisation helping improve the Roman Road area for the benefit of residents, businesses, and regular visitors. The Roman Road is in the heart of London’s East End and home to one of London’s longest-running and largest street markets.

Our vision is to contribute to greater affinity, pride, and participation by residents and regular visitors in their local community.

Since its creation in 2013, RRT has helped launch several regeneration initiatives including Roman Road Festival, the Roman Road LDN online platforms, the Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan, The Common Room, Globe Town Common Vision, and the Roman Road Common Vision.

RRT is a Community Interest Company (CIC). All profits are ploughed back into our community initiatives. We are funded through grants, sponsorships from local businesses, and partnerships with the local authority.

RRT is constitutionally set up as a membership organisation, with local Members. However, the membership scheme is yet to be fully implemented.

The Organisation

RRT is led by Managing Director, Rosie Vincent. Rosie is a local resident who moved to Bow in 2014 to study at Queen Mary University of London. Prior to moving to London, Rosie was raised in Suffolk where her father and sister own successful independent businesses. Rosie is a drama facilitator at Half Moon Theatre and works for RRT on a freelance professional basis.

RRT’s work is done on a project-basis, with most projects led by Rosie and other freelance professionals who work for RRT. A large amount of work is also done on a voluntary basis, or with volunteer assistance. The RRT has no permanent employees.

RRT’s activities have grown gradually since the organisation began as the Roman Road Town Team in 2012, incorporating as Roman Road Trust in November 2014.

The Board

Rosie Vincent reports to the RRT Board. The Board is non-executive and comprises:

  • Secretary – Bridget Taylor
  • Dir of Finance – Chris Worthington
  • Dir of Civic Engagement– Irene de Lorenzis
  • Dir of Architecture – Eddie Blake
  • Dir of Sustainability –  Jack O’Donoghue

Find out more about Roman Road Trust’s Board of Directors

Board Meetings and Duties

Board meetings are held once a month from 7-9pm on a weekday evening. Directors are expected to attend the monthly Board meetings and to also attend relevant sub-committee and other meetings occasionally where necessary.
The Board is non-executive and all directors are unpaid. However Directors are expected to be committed and have an active role in order to support and develop this organisation. Activity levels vary quite a bit.


To apply, please send a covering letter outlining your interest in joining Roman Road Trust and your relevant knowledge and experience to by 5.00pm on Friday 20th December, 2019.


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