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Morpeth students bring Christmas cheer to Globe Town Market Square

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Morpeth Sixth Form students worked together to bring festive cheer to last Saturday’s Christmas event on Globe Town Market Square.

Earlier this year, Roman Road Trust asked local young people to get involved with the Christmas event being organised in their high street. Roman Road Trust held a workshop with Morpeth Sixth Form students to enlist their skills as part of Morpeth’s community enrichment project.

The students came up with a range of fundraising ideas such as bake sales and henna tattoo stalls as well as activities for the event such as mini-football, treasure hunt, and a wish box for Globe Town.

For the promotion of the event, three students created posters which gave Roman Road Trust the difficult task of selecting a winner. The winning design was created by Jasmin which features a handmade style. Jasmin’s poster was placed on all stalls during the event and used to promote the event at Morpeth Sixth Form in the run up to the day.

For second-prize, runners up Mustafa and Shadman were given the jolly job of helping Roman Road Trust with the delivery of Christmas decorations and the return of East End Garlands to Globe Town businesses.

Decorations for businesses’ Christmas trees were handmade by local school children from Old Ford Primary and Bonner Primary. You can see them displayed on trees outside shops along Roman Road West (Globe Town.)

Morpeth Sixth Form students also organised a Treasure Hunt in which children visited activities as shown on a map of Globe Town Square to receive a prize. Prizes were bought with funds raised during a bake sale which had been organised by a Morpeth Sixth Form student prior to the event.

If that wasn’t enough, Morpeth’s very own drum group, Drumworks, performed on the day providing a catchy beat to the festive activities taking place on the square.

Roman Road Trust would like to say a huge thank you to Morpeth Sixth Form and Drumworks for their fantastic contribution to the event. A big thank you to Old Ford Primary and Bonner Primary for providing beautiful decorations for the Globe Town Christmas Trees.

The Christmas event on Globe Town Market Square was organised by London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Tower Hamlets Homes.



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