Pick out the East End Pinwheels in Roman Road

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Following from the success of the festive East End Garlands, Roman Road Trust and make:good have continued to work together to bring a new set of seasonal window decorations to businesses in Roman Road. This time the nine decorations celebrate the beginning of spring and take the form of pinwheels. Each pinwheel has been etched with unique designs that were inspired by Year 5’s from Globe Primary School.

The arrival of spring means different things for many communities in the area, including businesses. To discover how the change in season at this time of year effects the businesses on Roman Road, make:good asked each business ‘what difference do you notice in the local area?’ and ‘what changes for you in spring?’

The answers were varied and unique to each shop. Some businesses described their new spring stock whilst others noted the change in colours on the street and how spring brings a lighter more cheerful feel to their shops and Roman Road.

Make:good took these responses to a group of local experts; a year 5 class from Globe Primary School. The Year 5s combined the businesses ideas with their own experience of spring on Roman Road to design unique patterns for the colourful East End Pinwheels.

“It was wonderful working with these businesses and the lovely year 5 class to hear about everyone’s different experiences of the changing season. We received such varied responses about what spring means to different people in the area and wanted to find a way to celebrate this with these bright and colourful decorations, co-designed with Globe Primary School children ” Nataly & Jasper, make:good.

Can you spot all 9 east end pinwheels along Roman Road? Pop into your local high street shops to see what has changed now that winter is (finally) behind us.



East End Pinwheels is funded by London Borough of Tower Hamlets, working in partnership with Roman Road Trust to improve local governance and support the delivery of regeneration initiatives in the Globe Town area of Roman Road West.


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