Globe Town Common Vision: Food & Markets Workshop Review

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At our second workshop about Food and Markets we had 21 attendees including guest speakers Diane Cunningham from Chatsworth Market, Victoria Stewart from London Street Foodie and Kay Richardson from Well Street Market.

On Tuesday 7th November Globe Town residents and businesses came together for the second time to discuss Food & Markets. Thanks to all those who joined us to share your stories with special thanks to Kerry, Francesca and Martin from Bamboo & Bee for accommodating and hosting our second workshop.

We heard from inspiring individuals who have initiated community projects on the thematic elsewhere. Diane Cunningham shared her experiences of developing Chatsworth Market and how the market has revived the local area. Diane established Chatsworth Market in 2010 with a group of local residents. Their key drive was to develop a market which is community focused. Diane suggested that markets should offer different produce and products compared to the existing businesses on the high street. Markets should complement local businesses, not compete with them.

Victoria Stewart, a journalist who established the London Street Foodie blog, spoke about her experience as a journalist and street food expert. She gave some excellent tips around what makes a good food market from the set up of the stalls to the clarity of a menu. Victoria expressed her favourite food markets as those which feel local and represent the people who live in the area whilst still being welcoming to anyone.

Kay Richardson explained the process of starting a market with young people in the lead. Kay manages Well Street Market which provides free market stalls fro 16-30 year olds. In a similar way to Diane, she expresses the importance to have the communities’ interest as the core drive and praised the commitment and enthusiasm of young people managing their own stalls. Attendees really liked the idea of involving young people in the markets and a suggestion was to collaborate with local schools and colleges to find young traders in Globe Town as well as the possibility of providing business courses for these young entrepreneurs.

After a short break and refreshments we heard from local businesses such as Quarantaquince, Simply Fresh and Peckover Butchers. Kerry Mounsey also presented her creative ideas for the market square.

As one of the newer businesses on the high street, Francesco from Quarantacinque underlined their wish to become part of the community. They recently held an evening event which was a great success. Around 100 people attended to share nibbles and have a drink at the tiny cafe. Francesco described how the whole street filled up with curious an happy customers with a queue snaking from the front door.

Concerns were raised about a growth in this style of evening economy causing unwanted noise to the usually quiet area. However, Francesco offered reassurance that he was able to ensure noise did not exceed an acceptable level during his event and hopes other businesses would be able to do the same.

Mem from Simply Fresh, a local resident and business owner, expressed the difficulty to balance needs between residents and businesses but underlined the fact that more restaurants in Globe Town would boost the evening economy to lighten up the high street and minimise antisocial behaviour during evening hours.

Gavin from Peckover Butchers suggested that if there were to be a fresh food market initiated on the square, all the produce for the dishes should be provided by local traders.

The group continued to discuss issues around evening economy such as unwanted noise, smells from restaurants, and anti-social behaviour. Strong cases were made for both sides allowing all opinions to be heard and considered.

For the next sixth months, Roman Road Trust will be helping to bring together the people of Globe Town to form a common vision for the high street and the community it serves. We will be running a series of workshops on the first Tuesday of each month. Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 5 December and will be focused on Public Realm.

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