Bringing local people together to create a vision for Globe Town

Roman Road Trust is helping to bring people together in Globe Town to form a community-led common vision for the high street and the community it serves.

Like it or not regeneration is happening in the area and we think it is important that the community has a strong say in what is happening to locals and businesses. We can only do this together, with the help of all the diverse backgrounds that bring different perspectives and needs to the table. We want to ensure that any regeneration that happens is for everyone in the community, and not for the wealthy few.

The aims of the project are to get to know each other, develop community governance and create a common vision for our neighbourhood that will inform the local authority’s Town Centre Strategy over the next few years.

We will be inviting you to a series of events over the next six months where we’ll be looking at different aspects of how we make Globe Town the thriving place it deserves to be. At these events you’ll be able to meet local businesses, residents, community groups and place experts, sharing ideas about about how this can be achieved and seeing what other communities have done.

Once a Common Vision has been created by common consensus, we plan to present this to the local authority and local Councillors, and hope as many people from the local community will attend this event too.

We would love to get as many local people involved! Maybe you are part of a community organisation, maybe you are a local business, maybe you’re born and bred in Globe Town, or maybe you’ve just moved to the area and want to get more involved…this is a great opportunity to set the agenda for your neighbourhood.



  • Charitable Purpose Urban regeneration, Promoting Localism
  • Project Launch Year 2017
  • Co Producer Neba Sere