Roman Road Common Vision: Final version and exhibition

The final version of the Roman Road Common Vision has now been submitted to the local authority and local people are invited to view the document online or visit the Roman Road Common Vision Exhibition in the Idea Store in Bow. 

Since November 2018, Roman Road Trust has been working on the Roman Road Common Vision. The aim is to develop a cohesive, sustainable vision for the neighbourhood.

The Common Vision was born out of a desire to see the ambitious goal of making healthy and thriving streets a reality. Roman Road Trust brought together a wide range of local community groups to create a document containing eight ‘Key Ideas'.

Since beginning the project, Tower Hamlets’ Liveable Streets programme has launched, with the initial public consultation beginning May 2019. TfL funding and Tower Hamlets funding means that Bow will now be seeing road and public realm improvements. The Roman Road Common Vision is an opportunity for local people to express their shared ideas for the neighbourhood. The intention is for Roman Road Common Vision to inform the Liveable Streets initiative. 

The Roman Road Common Vision has been presented and shared at various events across the summer. The final version has now been submitted to the local authority and the Liveable Streets team. 

You can view and comment on the Roman Road Common Vision Exhibition at the Idea Store in Bow until Thursday 7th November 2019. Opening hours: Mon to Thurs 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm.

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    As usual not been told or ask about any of this until now. Its a good job i have this email from your selves.
    Are they going to inform the business in the area effected.
    Are they trying to bring it in on the quiet like the trail period several weeks ago that but everyones back up including the residents in this area.
    I know change should happen but we need to all work together to do that.

  2. Ray Gipson

    Hi. For the last 12 years I have run a Club of over 60’s Men who live in the Roman Rd area ‘The Geezers Club’. We meet every Tuesday in the Tredegar Centre, by Tom Thumbs Arch between 2-4pm. Was wondering if someone from Roman Rd. Trust could come along one Tuesday to update us on ‘The Trusts’ plans for Roman Rd in the future. Ray Gipson Geezers Club.

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