QConsult report on dual use-class licenses for businesses

In December 2019, a team of five students from Queen Mary University of London conducted a survey to find out if there was appetite from local businesses for dual use-class licenses.

The Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum are currently completing their first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (NPlan.) The forum wanted to find out if the NPlan should include dual use-class licenses in their proposal for Bow.

The project was part of QConsult, a programme led by Queen Mary University which places a team of undergraduate students into local organisations to deliver a consultancy project. Roman Road Trust has previously taken part in QConsult projects in March 2018 and December 2018.

The five QMUL students (left to right); Adriana, Aman, Gabriella, Mihir, and Wahida, were introduced to Roman Road and given a tour of the high street.

The QConsult Team were required to conduct research into the current use classes of businesses to gain an understanding of the proportion of use-classes in Bow. This allowed the team to approach a proportional amount of businesses when conducting the survey.

Armed with their research into use-classes, the QConsult Team hit the high street and gathered 52 responses from businesses in Roman Road East (Bow) and Grove Road (nearest to Mile End Road.)

For the final part of the project, the team created a written report which details the findings, insights, and suggestions from the survey. This was accompanied by a presentation at QMUL.

The report has been shared with participating businesses and is available to view via the link below. The findings will be incorporated into the first draft of the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan.

Roman Road Trust would like to say a big thank you and well done to the QConsult Team as well as thank you to the QMCareers department at Queen Mary University of London.

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