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Do you live or work in Globe Town? Do you love where you live and want to have a say in how to shape your area? If so we want to hear from you.

Over the last year Roman Road Trust has been working in Globe Town to develop a community-led Common Vision for this often overlooked western stretch of Roman Road. The initial phase of the project involved a series of monthly workshops to reach out to local businesses, community groups and residents. A series of workshops were held to discuss local heritage, identity, public realm and arts and culture. The workshops were an opportunity to identify local issues and bring people together.

A group of local people now meet regularly and are hoping to form a steering committee to develop the Common Vision and create a united voice for the local community. For the next six months Roman Road Trust will work with the emerging steering committee to help them become a constituted group with the skills and ability to lead its own projects and work in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council and other local stakeholders about plans for the area.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in this exciting local initiative and to have a say in how your local area is shaped.

The steering committee will be a group of core members who meet once a month. Committee members will need to commit one or two hours per month to help develop the steering committee and push projects forward. The next steps for the steering committee will be to grow its membership and to democratically agree on a detailed common vision for the area.

A few people have already volunteered to help form the steering committee but others are needed. To make this group as strong and effective, it is crucial to represent the wide variety of people, cultures and ages that live, work, and enjoy this area.

If you don’t have the time to be an active steering committee, you can still be a member. As a member you will be regularly updated on developments and discussions and will have a right to vote on major decisions. You’ll also be given the opportunity to attend public meetings and volunteer at events and consultations. A great opportunity to meet like minded people and help your area at the same time. It is important for the membership to be as wide and diverse as possible.

For more information and to join the Globe Town Steering Committee, please email:

Read about activities in our first phase of work in the Globe Town Common Vision Report # 1 – May 2018.



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Globe Town Common Vision is funded by London Borough of Tower Hamlets, working in partnership with Roman Road Trust to improve local governance and support the delivery of regeneration initiatives in the Globe Town area of Roman Road West.




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  1. Tim Bennett-Goodman

    Hi Neba, I’d be delighted to join the Steering Committee. I live on the Cranbrook Estate and have recently retired so have time on my hands and some relevant experience. Best wishes. Tim.

    • Rosie Vincent

      Hi Tim, thanks for your interest in joining the Steering Committee. We will be in touch with you very soon.

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