Infographic of Roman Road business survey

Business digital skills survey 2016

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Roman Road Trust conducted an extensive survey of local shop keepers and market traders on Roman Road, Bow, to find out what kind of support and training they needed most to grow as businesses.

Questions included: How long have you traded on Roman Road? How many people do you employ? How many hours of employment are generated by local shops and stall holders? Are you profitable? Do you enjoy trading on Roman Road? What do you like/dislike about trading on Roman Road? How supported do you feel? Have you ever attended a business workshop? Which marketing services have you used in the last year? What e-commerce solutions do you use? How much do shop owners use social media platforms? Which business support services are you likely or very likely to use?

Many local business owners had been subjected to a series of consultations led by the local authority over the last two decades and were suffering from ‘consultation fatigue’. To overcome this we offered a prize as an incentive for taking part and asked a local business person to conduct the survey. In addition, we created a fun infographic to display the survey results in a fun way, and delivered these by hand to all the survey participants.