Roman Road Yard Market is a project to explore how the car park can be used as a venue urban regeneration for activities such as a community market.

Feedback was collected by Roman Road Trust from local residents and visitors attending the four previous festivals that featured specialist markets. This feedback revealed an overwhelming demand for more community-led events and markets that offer a strong community content and local offering.

The Yard Market will be on the car park at the corner of Roman Road and St Stephen’s Road. This site has been identified as one of the most suitable spaces for community events. It is on a very visible and social junction, connects the western and eastern stretch of Roman Road, and it is hoped that the market will help encourage pedestrians to move between the two stretches of the high street.

The offering of this market is designed to compliment rather than compete with the existing offer on the street market. Adding to the road’s existing offering will give local and destination shoppers more reason to come to Roman Road and explore all its great shops and stalls.

  • Charitable Purpose Urban regeneration
  • Project Year 2016
  • Production In house
  • Funding GLA, Look Property