Do Good Thursday featuring Friends of Meath Gardens

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On Thursday 31st May, local residents, community groups and visitors met-up at The Camel to find out about do good projects in our community and to hear from guest local cause Friends of Meath Gardens at May’s Do Good Thursday.

Roman Road Trust launched Do Good Thursdays in April as a way to provide regular meet-ups for the local community to get involved and keep updated with Roman Road Trust’s work. Do Good Thursdays are also a chance to find out about other community groups and projects happening in our area. At 8.00pm, Roman Road Trust hands over to a guest local good-cause who explain more about their organisation and how local people can be involved.

At May’s Do Good Thursday, Roman Road Trust handed over to Tunde Morakinyo and Joanna Milewska from Friend of Meath Gardens. Tunde and Joanna walked us through the incredible history of the garden. The fact that is used to be a cemetery known as Victoria Park Cemetery and that the first female landscape architect designed it into the now beautiful park. They also updated us on their current work including planting trees on roads connecting Meath Gardens and Roman Road; creating a green corridor connecting green spaces around Globe Town, and plans to make the high street more sustainable. Finally, they talked about the incredible aboriginal ceremony which was organised to commemorate an Australian indigenous cricket player who was buried in the park in 150 years ago.

Click here for details about the next Do Good Thursday.

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