Roman Road Trust has been invited to partner with London Borough of Tower Hamlets to support the Council’s high street improvement strategy in Roman Road and Globe Town.

The partnership is the result of a deepening relationship between Roman Road Trust and the local authority following a number of joint projects over the last three years including Roman Road Summer Festival, Roman Road Yard Market, Roman Road Christmas Fair, Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum, and Roman Road Digital Camp for local businesses.

The Council will work in partnership with Roman Road Trust in Globe Town to improve local town centre management practices; to enhance local employment opportunities, and to support delivery of regeneration initiatives. Initiatives being proposed by the local authority will include place marketing and promoting events to help generate footfall; business support programmes; wider business and community engagement activities to supporting consultation on the public realm, and other regeneration proposals.

In the next year, Roman Road Trust will be inviting local businesses, residents and community groups to a series of place making workshops encouraging the community to formulate its own common vision for the high street and its public realm.

Specifically, the partnership aims to:

  • Stimulate engagement from businesses, market traders and local residents on the development of a citizen-led town centre vision and strategy for Roman Road West.
  • Stimulate engagement from businesses, market traders and local residents on improvements of the overall visitor and retail experience of Roman Road West including public realm, market square, shop front appearance and wayfaring.
  • Stimulate engagement with businesses, market traders and residents to develop, plan and implement a programme of events and activities to promote footfall in Roman Road West.
  • Manage engagement with residents, businesses and market traders to help develop content for place marketing & promotion campaign; to promote participation in the marketing campaigns and drive footfall and inward investment in Roman Road West as part of a borough wide campaign for its town centres.
  • Promote participation among businesses and market traders in business support schemes to help improve their performance and enable them to adapt to the changing customer base and market opportunities.
  • Engage with relevant authorities including council officers, public bodies and others regarding improvements to the public realm, public transport, crime preventions and other performance indicators in the area profiles.


    These actions are the main objectives of the partnership, as defined in the partnership agreement between Tower Hamlets Council and Roman Road Trust.