As a membership organisation, we are here to serve the needs of our members. We want to hear about you and your life in Bow. Getting better data about the needs of our community makes us more effective in raising funds and delivering effective initiatives.

Open consultations

Globe Town Common Vision Feedback Survey 2018 (Interim Stage)

This survey asks for feedback about Roman Road Trust’s Globe Town Common Vision project following the completion of the first stage of the initiative.

Roman Road Shopping and Parking Survey 2018 – Visitors

Do you shop on Roman Road? Or maybe you live in the area and don’t shop on Roman Road? We want to hear about your shopping habits and how you travel to Roman Road to gather insights on how transport impacts the local economy.

Roman Road Shopping and Parking Survey 2018 – Businesses

Are you a local business with a shop on Roman Road? We want to hear from you about the shopping and transport habits of your customers.

Globe Town Visitor Survey 2017-2018

A survey to find out how, why and where visitors shop in the Globe Town area.


Closed consultations

Roman Road Christmas Fair 2017 (CLOSED)

Globe Town Celebrating Halloween ideas 2017 (CLOSED)

Roman Road Yard Market 2016 feedback (CLOSED)

Roman Road Christmas Fair 2016 feedback (CLOSED)

Roman Road Business Digital Support survey 2015 (CLOSED)

Roman Road Christmas Fair 2015 feedback (CLOSED)