Back in 2013, a search on the web for images of Roman Road returned zero results. A search of images at the local archive library returned very little too. Overshadowed by the bigger trade centres of neighbouring hamlets Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Isle of Dogs and Limehouse, Bow is poorly documented. As the older generation disappears, so too the opportunity to discover and save photos and memories of our past.

Roman Road Trust launched a Facebook group called Living in Bow, inviting past and present residents to share personal photos and memories of Bow. Many of the members of Living in Bow no longer live in the area but thanks to technology photos and memories can be shared across continents and timezones.

Through this social media platform we have unearthed photos and memories that may have disappeared forever, a precious resources for ensuring local history and heritage isn’t lost and to help create a sense of place and identify for the area.

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  1. Gary Arber

    I have just noticed your reproduction of my uncle Albert Arber’s wedding, there is an error however, the smallboy in the picture is my cousin Derek Ives (now deceased). The photo has been trimmed down on either side, I was standing on the right in the same type of suit as Derek holding a horseshoe (cardboard not the real thing)
    Best wishes, Gary Arber.

  2. Keith Watkins(Sugarhood)

    Gary My mother Rachel Sugarhood lived at 192 Roman Rd born 1918 are there any pictures of this area.
    May have also lived there 1948


  3. Sandra Dunbar

    I was born in St. Andrews hospital and lived in Stansted House and then Biscott House in Devas St, attending Marner Street nursery. Mum and dad moved us to Dagenham around 1961 but they moved back to Bromley by Bow to be nearer family 2 years later. Mum lived in the flat in Huntshaw House Devons Road until her death in 2013 aged 91, which is where most of my memories were made, attending Old Palace Primary School.
    I moved to Stratford when I married and now live in Plaistow. My brother lives in Hackney, working at the London Hospital in Whitechapel but my sister’s moved to Essex.
    My dad had been a professional boxer in the late 1940s and early 1950s and served the area as a Coal man throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Dad died in 1992.

  4. leonard draper

    my wife has a receipt of her dads for settlement of acounts for sum of 60pounds and9pence issued by james brooke and sons ltd of 19 -22 roman road E2 in 1953 she would like to know what the company sold her parents lived in stepney befor moving to basildon in 1954

  5. Ron neale

    Was your dad Billy clark and uncle charley (Alfie Clark) they came from reeves rd.

  6. Ed

    Does anyone have photographs of Campbell Road E3 from the 1960’s?

  7. Karen T-L

    My great grandmother Maria Rhodes had a shop on the corner of Devons and Blackthorn Road until the lease ran out in the 1920s.

  8. Brenda Gore

    Hi, did anybody know Peter Harvie – he came from Bow – I would love to know how is life turned out. Please message me if you have any information on Facebook Brenda Gore new Mills. Thank you

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