Roman Road Trust is an innovative community group largely powered by volunteers and we need all the help and input we can get. We need skills from all walks of life: accountancy, legal, graphic design, bookkeeping, marketing.

Find out more about volunteering for Roman Road Trust

Three-month paid internship

Roman Road Trust is offering a paid internship opportunity for someone who will help us with our events and communications for our growing number of projects.

Find out more about our internship opportunities

Become a Non-Executive Director

We want to  are always interested in hearing from people who are interested in joining our board.

See our existing board of directors and the roles available

Suggest an arts or heritage project

We are looking for artists to work on projects that will further the arts, heritage and culture of Roman Road and Bow. If you have an idea that contributes to identify of our local area, and you have identified a suitable grant, then please contact us about joint-proposals.

Find out more about arts, heritage and culture projects

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