Working together

We work with local people, community groups, public sector and third sectors on both short and long-term projects that will increase footfall, reduce empty shops, reduce business churn rates, increase civic pride, provide local jobs, give opportunities to youth, nurture new enterprise, harness local arts and culture, and help attract destination visitors.

We specialise in bringing stakeholders together to create meaningful and long-lasting improvements to high streets and the communities they serve. We embed ourselves in the community and work on both short-term and longer-term projects, delivering tangible results. Our method of harnessing local community groups and businesses to come together and improve their neighbourhood leaves a legacy of connections, skills and habits that will create positive impact over decades to come.


Partnerships & Co-Production

Partnership with London Borough of Tower Hamlets for Roman Road West 2016-17

Roman Road Trust partners with Tower Hamlets to support the Council’s high street improvement strategy over the next few years in Roman Road West.

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Partnership with London Metropolitan University’s Cass School of Architecture 2014-2016

Roman Roman Trust teamed up with London Metropolitan University’s Cass School of Architecture. Architecture students will be studying Roman Road as part of a three-year Fine Art and Architecture BA degree to develop citizen-led ideas for high street regeneration.




Canary Wharf Group sponsors Roman Road Festival 2014, 2015 and 2016

Canary Wharf Group are regular sponsors of Roman Road Festival, a community event that offers far-reaching benefits to the local economy and local community.